Microblading Aftercare Instructions

Microblading from Beauty Secrets by De’Ja Ci’Mone makes the creation of sculpted eyebrows and to ensure that you get the naturally beautiful looking brows you want, following the Microblading Aftercare Instructions is essential.
The instructions below have been modified through my years of experience to ensure clients get optimal results. Please follow them with exactness to make the most of your microblading.
***Failure to follow after-care instructions may result in scarring, infections, pigment loss, or discoloration.

After The Microblading Procedure:

To help minimize scabbing, use a clean cotton-ball to lightly dab the microbladed area with distilled water a few times per hour for the remainder of the day.
Days 1-7

Wash the microbladed area twice per day followed by applying the microblading aftercare ointment.

  • At the start and end of each day, use your clean fingertips and a mild antibacterial soap, like Cetaphil, to gently cleanse your eyebrows for 10-15 seconds.
  • Avoid using any cleansing products that contain exfoliants or acids (glycolic, lactic, or AHA).
  • Keep in mind the cleansing shouldn’t be a thorough scrub-down, it just needs to be done by rubbing the microbladed area in a soft, smooth manner.
  • When rinsing, be sure to rinse every trace of soap from the microbladed area.
  • Dry the entire eyebrow area completely by blotting it with a clean tissue.
  • Use a clean finger to apply a small amount of the microblading aftercare ointment to the microbladed area. Do not apply the ointment unless the area is dry.
  • Less is more when considering how much ointment to apply; the amount applied to each eyebrow should be comparable in size to half of a grain of rice.
  • Microblading aftercare ointment should only be applied twice per day following the washes to avoid suffocating the skin and interfering with the skin’s natural healing process.
Days 8-14
The aftercare ointment no longer needs to be applied, but continue to gently wash the microbladed area each morning and night.
Things To Avoid

***It’s critical to avoid the following for 14 days after your microblading procedure.

  • Touching the microbladed area except when washing or applying aftercare ointment.
  • Scratching, picking or peeling the microbladed area, as it can cause scarring and/or color loss.
  • Applying any makeup, moisturizer, lotion, or sunscreen to your eyebrows.
  • Sun exposure – sun tanning – salon tanning
  • Laser or chemical peels, and any other form of exfoliation.
  • Exercise – participating in sports and activities that induce perspiration
  • Long, hot baths or showers – jacuzzis – saunas – swimming
  • Applying any creams to your face or neck containing retinol or glycolic acid.
  • Engaging in tasks like heavy household cleaning where airborne debris can become prevalent.
  • Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, as it can cause wounds to heal slower.
  • Transportation in open-air-vehicles where strong wind is likely, for example; driving in cars with windows down, convertibles, motorcycles, bicycles, and boats.
After Day 14

Resume your normal activities except, continue to avoid laser or chemical peels and forms of exfoliation, and any creams containing retinal or glycolic acid until after the completion of your microblading touch up appointment, and its healing process as well.

4-6 Week Touch-up
During this time, you will come back for your touch-up session. This process is highly recommended so that you can get the most out of your microblading. Getting your touch-up will keep your eyebrows color refreshed. Touch-ups can be necessary every six months or every year, depending on your skin type and preferred look. Microblading touch-ups are similar to getting root touch-ups for your hair. If you go when your microblading first starts fading, you can simply have the color filled in.

Eyelash Aftercare Instructions

Lash Styles from Beauty Secrets by De’Ja Ci’Mone makes lashes not only look longer and fuller but most importantly natural. Those whom are looking to see a difference but not “too much” this is the place for you. Enjoy your nap during your reservation!

Following your Eyelash Instructions is essential.

Eyelash Extensions Aftercare

After the treatment, you will be asked to follow eyelash extensions aftercare tips in order not to ruin the extensions:


  • Don’t wash your lash extensions 24h after the treatment.
  • Avoid long showers and steam for 24h after the treatment.
  • Be careful when you wash your face after the lash extensions treatment. Use a cloth and avoid the eye area.
  • Don’t use oil-based products, they will break down the adhesive.
  • Don’t use the lash curler.
  • Don’t touch your lashes.
  • No rubbing or pulling the extensions.
  • Sleep on your back.
  • Don’t use mascara during lash extensions aftercare.
Eyelash Extensions Maintenance
Eyelash extensions are said to last 2 weeks, there will be 40-50% of extensions remaining. Here are the tips on how to make your eyelash extensions last longer:
Lash Extension Infills
Book an infill appointment to prolong the effect of your eyelash extensions. The fill-in or top-up should be done 3-4 weeks after the initial treatment, and most lash technicians require you to have at least 40-50% of the extensions. If you wait longer, the full set will need to be applied and you will be charged the full price.
Brush Your Lashes Regularly
Brushing your lashes with a clean spoolie will make them last longer, without looking tangled. This is especially important for Russian volume lashes, mega volume lashes, and hybrid lashes.
Avoid Oil-Based Products
Use only oil-free products to remove makeup. Oil will cause premature lash extensions loss since it will break down the adhesive.
Avoid Mascara
Mascara will loosen the bond between natural lashes and lash extensions. So, if you really want to use it, make sure it is waterproof, and use mascara only on classic lashes, never on volume or hybrid lashes. Apply mascara to the tips of the lashes only. No need to swipe from root to tip.
Classic Lashes
One eyelash extension applied to 1 of the natural lashes. Also called individual lash extensions or 1 to 1 lash extensions. Recommend for those wanting to add length only.
Volume Lashes
Also known as Russian volume lash extension; small fans of 2 to 6 thin lashes applied to one of the natural lashes. Give volume, thickness and density. It is also possible to apply fans of up to 16 lash extensions and get mega volume lashes.
Hybrid Lashes
The combination of classic lashes (which give length) and Russian volume lashes (give volume and thickness). They look more natural than volume lashes.
Lash Lift
The lash lift is a treatment that makes your natural lashes look longer, fuller and denser. Last up to 6-8 weeks!

Lash Lift Aftercare

The great thing about a Lash Lift is that it is a very low maintenance procedure however, there is a little extra care required over the first 24-48hrs.

Lash + Brow Tint Aftercare

To help minimize scabbing, use a clean cotton-ball to lightly dab the microbladed area with distilled water a few times per hour for the remainder of the day.
Day 1
  • Do not touch or rub your eyes, eyelashes, or eyebrows immediately after the treatment.
  • If redness or irritation occurs apply a cool damp cotton compress to the eye area.
  • If symptoms persist for more than 24 hours seek medical advice
  • For the first two hours please avoid any water contact on the lashes or brows
  • Do not sleep on your face.
Day 2
Avoid hot water or steam on the face or near the eyes.
Day 3 & Continuously
  • Please refrain from all attempts to rub the eyes or lashes.
  • Do not use oil-based products or any conditioning treatments/ serums on the lashes.
  • This will cause the Semi-permanent mascara to dissolve faster.
  • Effects of the tint will start to diminish within 2 to 3 weeks as hair grows out and the tint color fades.
  • Strong sunlight/UV light can make the tint color fade faster- eye makeup remover and avoid exfoliating cleansers or those products containing AHA’s and oil
  • Do not apply makeup or mascara to lashes or receive any other eye treatments for at least 24 hours after the lash or brow tinting treatment.